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Video: Does LASIK Hurt?

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Speaker 1: Why haven’t you gotten LASIK yet? My eye doctor told me I wasn’t a good candidate 10 years ago and I never asked again. I just don’t know if now’s right time for me, with Jessica and all. I just have this really strong connection with my glasses. We’re going away for the weekend to Martha’s Vineyard.

I get it. LASIK can be scary. I want my vision to be better but the thought of lasers or anything really near my eyes. Let’s just ask the question, does LASIK hurt?

Yes. No. Sorry, I meant no. Oh, actually in all honesty, it can vary. Some people experience no pain at all. Some say it feels more like a little pressure or discomfort than pain. Some say it hurts a little. You’ll say, “I can’t believe how unhelpful this video is.” And that’s a fair criticism but I do actually have some information to help calm your nerves.

That is to say, you should talk to your surgeon about how to manage discomfort during and after the procedure. You’ll get eyedrops for example, to numb your eyes before surgery and if that’s not enough, most LASIK surgeons are happy to provide medication to help with any anxiety or jitters you have. Talk to your surgeon about it and about whatever else you can take to help after the eyedrops wear off. Your surgeon is smarter than me. I know this because if I were surgeon smart, I know that that last sentence should have been, your surgeon is smarter than I.

Nothing. First, those eyedrops I mentioned earlier, reduce your urge to blink. Second, LASIK machines have an eye tracker that adjusts for any involuntary movements that your eye might make but don’t move your head like that. This isn’t a dance off. This is eye surgery. You definitely would beat a LASIK machine in a dance off. It doesn’t even have feet. Also, keep in mind the procedure only takes about one to two minutes per eye. The whole thing is done in about five and this whole video is done about now.

To find a LASIK surgeon near you, go to LASIK is not right for everyone and there are potential side effects like dry eye or visual disturbances like glare or halos. Find out if LASIK is right for you by talking to a surgeon that you find on I already said that. Bye.

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