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When it comes to your eye health, it's important to make sure you're placing your trust in only the best in the field. Your full team of general care practitioners understands this, which is why many of our peers refer patients to Focal Point Vision regularly. With three convenient locations spread throughout the Greater San Antonio area, our board-certified ophthalmologists are pleased to provide a range of advanced services for men and women experiencing eye complications, ranging from common to highly rare. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, we can restore your eye health and enhance your visual acuity. To learn more about the experiences of our past patients, we invite you to browse through our collection of reviews and envision the care you can expect when you visit our San Antonio, TX office.

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Review from A.G.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 10, 2022

Dr. Lehmann, Dr. Conner and Dr. Daughtry have all made a positive impact on my life with their help on my ICL surgery. I had an eye infection nine years ago that created scar tissue over my right eye’s cornea. When I first sought out LASIK doctors told me my eye was too fragile with its scar tissue; I was pretty disappointed that there may not be a way for me to get out of my glasses. I have been a dancer all my life and the change in my eye’s health changed the way I was able to dance and perform. It wasn’t until this past year that a doctor in Austin recommended Focal Point Vision for its surgeons, Dr. Lehmann and Dr. Maverick, and the ICL procedure. I went in for a few consultations before I was green-lit by Dr. Daughtry to meet with Dr. Lehmann, who performed my surgery. I am impressed by how well the entire team handled my scheduling and worked together to make sure I was informed and comfortable for the operation. I was filled with great relief when Dr. Lehmann told me I was a candidate for ICL after so many no’s on LASIK (understandably after I learned more about the two operations). While ICL could not ‘erase’ the scar tissue on my cornea, the operation has already brought a great improvement to my day to day life. The day of my surgery, Dr. Lehmann’s surgical techs, Holly, Gina, and Ashlea took great care of me before the surgery and I want to make sure to give them a shout out and thank you! They were all professional and inspiring in how well they treated me. The operation itself was short and easy. A few hours post-operation I met with Dr. Amy Conner. She blew me out of the water with her professionalism, empathy, and knowledge; Within minutes under her care I joked I was going to find a way to put her into my will for how great of a doctor she is. I will settle for naming my first born child after her (Kidding). A huge thank you to Dr. Amy Conner, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an informed doctor who leads with her knowledge and emotional intelligence. She took care of me on an intense day with swiftness and expertise. The evening of my operation Dr. Lehmann called me to check in. He knew the details of my follow up with Dr. Amy Conner and was there in case I needed anything. After the call I looked to my mom and said, “Holy cow. I bet he’s been up since 3 or 4am and just finished his day and still called me. Wow.” It was definitely above and beyond. I don’t expect my surgeon to give me a personal call - they are busy giving people new eyes! Still I felt like my operation was in the best hands it could have been. The day following my surgery I woke up feeling incredible. My mom could not believe how well I could see. I was even able to drive both myself and my mom home and have felt comfortable ever since. To anyone contemplating ICL, I cannot recommend this team enough. I am so grateful I can see now without my glasses. I have been through some tough times these last nine years with my vision. I have also had some pretty depressing eye doctor visits that left me feeling hopeless and some that misdiagnosed me in other clinics. I am so fortunate to have been able to visit Focal Point Vision. Thank you, FPV, for giving me my dancing freedom back without the stress of contacts or glasses. It means the world to me. More

Review from R.Q.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jul 31, 2015

Amazing results and amazing people...Dr. Lehmann did a great job, I very much recommend Focal Point Vision if your looking to get anything done with your vision!  LASIK is a big blessing, thank God for the technology!  Best investment! More

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