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Once your cataracts begin to interfere with your ability to perform your typical, everyday tasks, your eye doctor will recommend cataract surgery. Cataract surgery can restore your vision and, depending on which replacement lens you choose, even allow you to experience greater freedom from visual aids.

During cataract surgery, your eye’s natural lens is completely removed and replaced with a synthetic device called an intraocular lens, or IOL. This device mimics the natural lens, giving you the ability to see after the procedure.

While you can get a basic, standard IOL that will require you to use glasses for certain activities, there are other options available that can allow you to experience greater visual freedom. Premium IOLs can significantly reduce your need for glasses after cataract surgery.

One of the most unique and impressive premium IOLs on the market today is the Light Adjustable Lens from RxSight. Keep reading to learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens!

What Is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens is a highly sophisticated IOL that delivers high-quality custom vision after cataract surgery. Its precision is due to its unique ability to be modified after the procedure is complete. 

This lens gives you the opportunity to test-drive and fine-tune your vision based on your preferences. With the Light Adjustable Lens, your vision can be optimized without the need for additional surgeries.

The LAL has been FDA approved since 2017 and has been a very successful product. Other IOLs can’t compete with the level of customizability the LAL offers. 

The LAL has been shown to be a safe and effective IOL choice by multiple clinical studies. The Light Adjustable Lens is even effective at correcting astigmatism. 

How Does the Light Adjustable Lens Work?

The Light Adjustable Lens is implanted in your eye the same way any other IOL is. During your cataract surgery, your eye doctor will numb your eye and creates an opening in your cornea. 

This opening allows them to carefully place an instrument inside your eye that gently breaks your natural lens apart. The pieces are suctioned out to make room for the LAL.

As with a normal IOL, the LAL is placed in the same place your natural lens was. Once secured, the opening of your cornea can be closed, and the recovery period can begin. 

After the procedure, it may be a few weeks to months until you are able to fully experience the potential of your new vision. Following recovery, you will return to the office in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, or Schertz to have your vision evaluated.  

What is the Light Delivery Device?

During your follow-up visits, your eye doctor will be able to fine-tune your vision during a series of treatments with a device called the Light Delievery Device. This is a special instrument that selectively emits UV light. 

The LAL responds to UV light, so by using this device, your eye doctor can effectively customize your prescription. This is due to the unique material the LAL is made from, a photosensitive polymer. 

The UV light induces a specific chemical reaction in the lens, causing it to change shape. The changes are predictable enough for your eye doctor to manipulate it into changing focusing power. 

Depending on the intensity or duration of the light applied, the LAL will respond differently. This allows the eye doctor to carefully tune your prescription without damaging your eye. 

The adjustment is a painless procedure that only takes minutes to complete. The results may not be instant; adjusting to the new prescription could take a few hours. 

During this time, you may notice some blurriness or sensitivity to light.   

Is The Light Adjustable Lens Right For Me?

The Light Adjustable Lens is an excellent IOL option for those who are eligible. However, the lens is not the best choice for everyone. 

For example, certain pre-existing conditions make the LAL a poor fit. Eye conditions affecting the macula and other eye conditions can increase the risk of complications. 

After receiving the LAL, you will need to wear UV-protective eyewear for several weeks at all times during the day. It may take several follow-up visits to achieve the best vision possible.

You can find out if the Light Adjustable Lens will work for you during a consultation at Focal Point Vision. Schedule an appointment in San Antonio to get a full evaluation and discuss all of your IOL options.    

The Light Adjustable Lens represents the cutting edge of IOL technology. With advancements like the LAL, it is becoming rarer to be dependent on glasses after cataract surgery. 

The LAL clearly demonstrates that it can produce results like no other IOL on the market. If you are interested in being able to customize and fine-tune your vision after cataract surgery, the Light Adjustable Lens may be perfect for you.

Are you interested in learning more about the Light Adjustable Lens, including whether or not it may be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX, today!