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PRK was the very first laser refractive surgery and has granted 20/20 eyesight or better to millions of patients all over the world. It was conducted safely and reliably for about a decade before the emergence of the LASIK and LASEK techniques. Fortunately, eye surgeons still perform PRK procedures often, especially for patients without ample corneal tissue for LASIK. PRK and other laser vision correction techniques are all performed to fix or improve vision impairments, like myopia and hyperopia, but PRK is performed slightly differently and necessitates a longer healing period. Call our team at Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX for a PRK consultation.

how is prk done?

Typically, PRK is offered to people who want to have laser vision surgery but don't have sufficient corneal tissue for LASIK or LASEK, and it could also be a better solution for individuals with particular ocular diseases. PRK procedures are often completed in approximately 20 minutes. Before getting started, we will numb the eye with special eye drops to provide a comfortable experience. A PRK procedure is just like LASIK except that a corneal flap isn't necessary. Instead, the thinnest, outermost layer (the epithelium) of the eye is completely taken off and discarded so we can reshape the cornea beneath.


Since it was the original technique for laser vision correction, PRK has been allowing men and women to achieve their sharpest vision for nearly 25 years. For those who were previously told they weren't eligible for LASIK, PRK may be the best answer. At Focal Point Vision, our board-certified ophthalmologists have proudly provided clear eyesight to many San Antonio, TX patients. Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment so we can tell you whether PRK is the most effective solution for your vision concerns.

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