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The iris of your eye serves many other functions beyond determining eye color; it is also responsible for controlling the amount of light that enters the eye by widening or constricting the pupils. Individuals who suffer from a condition known as aniridia (a genetic absence of the iris) or trauma to this structure may have a severe vision impairment, along with a sensitivity to light. Aside from the visual side effects, these people can also experience emotional distress at the appearance of their eyes. To address these issues, our board-certified ophthalmologists are thrilled to perform artificial iris surgery at Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX.


Artificial iris surgery requires the use of a local anesthetic to optimize your comfort. Before we begin, we will place a device over the eye to prevent any blinking or movement. We will then make a tiny incision into the eye where one of our ophthalmologists will place the artificial iris delicately and precisely. Since the piece itself is very flexible and thin, it can be placed with ease and is held in place by the neighboring structures. The duration time of your surgery will depend on whether or not you're having both eyes treated in one appointment or if you're having another procedure alongside artificial iris surgery.

AM I A candidate for artificial iris surgery?

Patients born with aniridia or have endured trauma to their iris may be suffering from severe vision impairment that gets in the way of their daily life and functioning. At Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX, our team is proud to offer these individuals advanced surgical procedures to enhance their eye health, improve their vision, and in turn, make their lives easier and more enjoyable. To find out if you could be a candidate for artificial iris surgery, get in touch with our office and schedule your consultation.

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