Superficial Keratectomy in San Antonio, TX

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what is Super K?

A superficial keratectomy, sometimes shortened to "Super K," is a type of eye surgery that works to smooth out or take out the anterior (outer) layer of the corneal tissue, the epithelium. This process could be necessary for some people who have specific eye conditions or have endured corneal trauma. Apart from worsening vision, these symptoms could additionally result in chronic dry eye, severe discomfort, or a gritty, grain-like sensation in the eye. At Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX, our board-certified ophthalmologists perform this procedure with the highest level of precision and care to enhance your eye health and restore your overall comfort.


A superficial keratectomy is performed on an outpatient basis and utilizes mild anesthesia. This is a fast and effective procedure that is typically finished within several minutes. To begin, a member of our team will fully numb your eyes using special drops. As soon as your eyes are desensitized, we will place a device over the eye to keep you from blinking. We will then use fine instruments to remove or smoothen out the tissue of the epithelium. After this, we will carefully remove any remaining damaged tissue. At the conclusion of your procedure, we will place a bandage contact lens over the eye for protection and to aid in the healing process.

am i a candidate for super k?

Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists at Focal Point Vision has successfully enhanced the eye health and sight of countless patients with anterior corneal damage. The superficial keratectomy is a quick and effective treatment that can decrease your negative symptoms and improve your life. To find out if this treatment is the solution you need for your eye struggles, get in touch with one of our offices in San Antonio, TX.

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