San Antonio, TX | Leslie Smith LAL Cataract Patient | Focal Point Vision

We visit Leslie Smith as she talks about her cataract surgery with Focal Point Vision. She is ecstatic that she is able to see things up close after 40 years.


Leslie Smith: My life is fabulous. I mean, when you can see better, I mean and when you're older and everything still works a little bit, you're thankful, but when everything works like it hasn't worked in 40 years, my vision, it's a miracle to me. And I think it's a gift from God. I mean, I just feel blessed and that's the truth.

Leslie Smith: The surgery was not painful at all. Wearing dark glasses for about four weeks was tedious. I love to talk about the surgery. I have. I love coming up here and giving my testimony about what's happened to me and my vision. And I do it at church, and I do it at the grocery store, and I do it everywhere. And when I get a chance to read the fine print for somebody that I'm with that has glasses and they can't, and I don't and I can, it's fabulous.

Leslie Smith: I don't have a lot of money to have a lot of things done or I would, but that I got a vision done, I mean, I had no idea there was such a thing. And I tell everybody about it now. Growing old is not for sissies, and every little thing you can get that helps is fabulous. And I do feel like I've got a new lease on life because I really do have my vision back, my near vision that I thought I never would after 40 years of not being able to see up close with glasses. Life is much better in focus and I can never thank Dr. Lehmann and Focal Point Vision for what they've done for me. It's a blessing. It's wonderful.