San Antonio, TX | James Reavis Cataracts | Focal Point Vision

We visit James Reavis who shares his excitement about the cataract surgery he received at Focal Point Vision.


James Reavis: I wanted to have surgery because I couldn't put the golf ball anymore. I couldn't see the line. And so I went to a eye clinic in and they said, "Well, you've got cataracts." So then, I started hunting the place to have it done. I was excited. I was ready to have my cataract surgery so I can see better. I mean, every day it was getting worse. I was wanting my vision to be as good as it was in my twenties or thirties. I didn't know what my expectations would be for this type of surgery, but I can tell you that after I had it, on my follow up the very next day, I asked if I could go ahead and have the other eye done because I could see so much better with the one eye that we had surgery on.

James Reavis: I see every thing. I can read small print on the television when I couldn't. I'm halfway there on this journey to get my eyesight the way I want it. And if they could, I would leave this interview and go do the other one right now. I've had absolutely zero pain, no pain at all. And I've had metal in my eyes before, and it was very painful. And I thought it would at least feel like that, like I'd scratch my eye or something. But no, I never felt anything. I'm going to tell everybody about how my procedure went. I don't see how it could be any better.

James Reavis: Well, if you haven't had it, it's a frustrating life. You can't see good to read, everything's blurry. Everything. And when the sun starts going down and you're in the shadows, it's really hard to see. From a golfer perspective, trying to look at a golf ball in the shadows and not be able to see the thing very good to hit it, so. At my age, retirement and playing golf and enjoying the quality of life that I can now that I can see, I wouldn't trade for it.