Written by Dr. James Lehmann on 02/12/18

To My Dear Patients:


You may have been informed by now that I will not be continuing as an ophthalmologist at Focal Point Vision, and I write to offer the explanation for this, a bittersweet task for me.  Last fall, I was offered the opportunity to take over my family’s real estate business full-time, and I spent 2-3 months thinking and praying about the tremendously difficult decision before me. Patient care has occupied all of my energy for the past ten years, and the experience has been deeply significant and rewarding for me. The prospect of moving into a new and different phase of life has been challenging to say the least.

Nonetheless, the offer is ultimately one that I cannot refuse. My family needs my help to continue moving forward, and to decline would put them in a very difficult position. What’s more, the work is interesting and exciting to me, and would give me the chance to work side by side with some of the people I love most. My schedule would offer me enough flexibility to continue working as a part-time ophthalmologist at the Haven for Hope eye clinic, and would also allow me to become more involved with international medical mission work.

My partners at Focal Point Vision have been supportive of my plans. Our practice is entering an exciting phase of growth, with new locations in Alamo Heights and Schertz, with new physicians to serve our patients. Your care at Focal Point Vision will continue seamlessly with my colleagues Drs. Yang, Daughtry, San Martin, Lehmann, and Maverick.   Despite my sadness at not being able to see each of you at that future visit, I have the greatest confidence that this team of doctors will continue your care at the highest level.

My deepest thanks go out to all of you for trusting me to be your doctor, a great honor for me. I will keep my patients in my prayers daily and I hope you will do the same for me as I move into some exciting, new territory.


Blessings and best wishes,

Zack Burkhart