Dr. Jason Daughtry


Dr. Jason Daughtry was not born in Texas, but he arrived here young enough to not remember living anywhere else. He graduated from high school in the tiny East Texas town of Chapel Hill and went on to receive his Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University with a major in microbiology. He then attended the University of California at Berkeley where he received his doctorate in optometry. He soon returned to Texas and has been practicing in San Antonio ever since.

He joined Focal Point Vision in 2017 and works primarily out of the Sunset/Alamo Heights office. He is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Texas Optometric Association. When not taking care of patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and their three kids. Jason also enjoys a range of outdoor activities.

Medical Privileges


"Wish I could give Dr. Lehman 10 Stars! I began to have problem driving because of light flaring because of cataracts. Pretty quickly I could only read very large print. Dr. Lehmann diagnosed and encouraged immediate correction. He removed my natural lenses and replaced them with plastic lenses. I went from having to wear glasses/contacts since elementary school to having 20-10 vision--for life.  These plastic lenses will not change as I get older.  Another eye surgeon I visited performs cataract surgery using another common procedure: remove the cataract, reshape the natural lenses to 20/20.  But in this procedure, the patient's eyes will flatten as they age-requiring glasses or contacts again. This other surgeon encouraged me to wait out the (increasingly dangerous and lost vision) eyesight situation, until my eyes were just unusable.  However, Dr. Lehmann said there is no reason to wait at all (because implants won't age). The surgery went smoothly. I overheard him praying for the patients around me, prior to surgery. He operated on my eyes in the afternoon, and by 8 am the next morning I had perfect vision. A year later, I'm still very grateful that I had an amazing and Godly eye surgeon.  I wake up and can see close or far away perfectly--no eye products--no regimen.  Yay!"



"Amazing results and amazing people...Dr. Lehmann did a great job, I very much recommend Focal Point Vision if your looking to get anything done with your vision!  LASIK is a big blessing, thank God for the technology!  Best investment!"



"I love Dr Jason Daughtery, had a eye emergency, he took care of me, for the third time. I highly recommended Focal Point Vision"



"Dr San Martin is very good at explaining . I was very satisfied with my appointment and will be back in 6 months for my eye pressure concerns ."



"Great service yes. Dr. Daugherty is very good at his job."



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