San Antonio, TX | Cataract Surgery Options with Dr. Maverick | Focal Point Vision

Dr. Kenneth Maverick talks with us about the different vision options.


Dr. Maverick: There's so many new options and innovations in cataract surgery now that we go to great links in explaining to you your options and what may be best for your visual goals and dreams. We have options for distance vision. We have options for lens implants that give you a range of vision and greatly reduce your dependence on glasses and reading glasses. We have options that can get you out of glasses about 90% of the day, that give you a good distance vision and good intermediate, and even reading vision. One of the benefits in cataract surgery nowadays is that patients do have the choice of choosing some of these higher technologies. Medicare and insurances will generally cover the cataract portion of the surgery. However, if a patient would like to upgrade to a better technology, they have the ability to do that. The patient simply pays for that part out of pocket.