San Antonio, TX | Dr. Maverick Discusses Cataract Surgery Risks & Benefits | Focal Point Vision

Dr. Maverick talks about the risk of having cataract surgery and what is provided to help you with keeping your eye safe.


Dr. Kenneth Maverick: As with any surgical procedure, there can be risk. The main risks of cataract surgery are a very slight risk of bleeding, infection. The biggest things we worry about are somebody rubbing or bumping the eye after the surgery. So, we give you very specific instructions and ways to protect it. Many people, several months after cataract surgery, can notice a little hazy vision. Not to worry, it's nothing dangerous. It's not the lens. It's not another cataract. It's the capsule or the membrane that lives behind the lens implant. When everything's clear in front of the lens capsule, only then do some people notice that it starts to get a little hazy. It's a simple, one minute procedure we do in the office that's painless, that can polish that membrane and clear up the vision. Many people will need this procedure the first year or two after cataract surgery, and that's expected.