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Video: San Antonio, TX | Callee Young LASIK | Focal Point Vision

Callee Young, a patient of ours speaks about her experience with the LASIK procedure. She describes how she now sees perfectly vivid colors.


Callee Young: My vision was to the point where I couldn’t even see anything. It was all like a big blob. I couldn’t read anything. I know there are people with worse vision out there, but mine was to the point where I needed to do something about it. Going from waking up one morning to seeing nothing, the next day waking up and it was clear as day, it was completely a huge change in my life.

Callee Young: The morning after, I felt like I was in a dream. I was like, “Is this real life?” I remember going to the bathroom, and usually I put in my contacts. I was like, “Wait a minute. It’s clear. I can see everything.” I went out. It was a beautiful day. I remember looking out the window and just seeing everything around me. I swear, the clarity was insane. I can’t describe what I saw. I swear, it’s like your windshield wipers, you just cleaned your windshield and it’s just so clear as day. That’s literally how I felt it.

Callee Young: There was no pain whatsoever. I felt ready to go the next day. I was ready to get on with my day. No downtime. I could have gone to work the next day. It was great.

Callee Young: The clarity that you don’t get from contacts or glasses is life-changing. I don’t think people tell you about that, because you just think about reading words, but never think about seeing brighter colors or just clear as day. It was just a huge change and I was super happy the next morning.

Callee Young: My vision was completely better. It was life-changing. I don’t think anybody can really show you on a piece of paper just how clear and how well your vision is going to do for you, and just not having to deal with the longterm effects of contacts. They’re drying. They’re irritating. I feel like I had more allergens in my eyes all the time. Now I don’t suffer from any of that.

Callee Young: It is definitely a life-changing experience. You only get two eyes. I feel like it’s definitely good to take care of them. I personally didn’t experience any of the dry eye or anything they say comes from it. There was literally nothing negative that came from it. I was hoping just to be able to drive without anything, just wake up and see the world, lay in bed at night and not have to forget about taking out my contacts. I can see the directory on the TV. Simple things, things that people take for granted on a day to day basis. It completely blew me away. The results were a hundred times than what I exceeded them to be. It’s seriously so real. It’s crazy.

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