San Antonio, TX | C Diane Ramirez Shank OD LAL Follow Up | Focal Point Vision

We revisit C Diane Ramirez Shank and check in on her after her cataract surgery.


C. Diane Ramirez-Shank: My profession is optometry so I've done eyeballs for over 30 years and I have a practice in South San Antonio. I habla espanol so I do a lot of Spanish exams, English exams, and been there for a number of years and really love the profession.

C. Diane Ramirez-Shank: Well when they told me I had a cataract, the first thing you think is, "Wow, I am O-L-D." That's what I tell patients, "You know what? Cataracts, no big deal. It's an aging change. It's not in the disease category. It's just an aging change. We get wrinkles, we get cataracts." And it's a normal thing and totally fixable. So because of that versus a glaucoma diagnosis or retinitis or some other diagnosis that's not fixable, it wasn't that scary. But anybody having surgery on their eyes, it's a little anxious feeling.

C. Diane Ramirez-Shank: Focal Point has amazed me in this procedure and in many other procedures. In bringing technologies that may not have been available in San Antonio and they are out there, they're involved in clinical trials. I am proud and blessed to be a little part of their procedure in sending patients and recommending. And this just reinforces, now that I've done it myself, that it will truly change the way I practice.

C. Diane Ramirez-Shank: My only regret is that I didn't actually take care of this sooner. The first day driving to the grocery store yesterday and I just was amazed at how clear. I kept covering my other eye that had the cataract and in one day couldn't believe how clear it was. So only regret is that I didn't go in sooner and take care of it.

C. Diane Ramirez-Shank: I refer cataract patients and other patients to Focal Point. I have confidence in them. I know them personally and I know their heart is in their business. But technology is amazing what they're bringing to San Antonio. So besides just being excellent in what they do, they're bringing new and improved, and always involved in trying to bring the best to San Antonio. So I feel very confident in sending my patients here. Life is better in focus. Absolutely.