What Causes the Need for A Superficial Keratectomy?

Your cornea is responsible for refracting images and is the window of your eye. It is made up of many tissue layers. Because it is so important for visual acuity, the cornea must remain clear for you to see clearly in San Antonio, TX. Unfortunately, there are some eye conditions that can cause inflammation and permanent scarring of the cornea. With the help of an ophthalmologist at Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX, we offer an eye surgery that removes this inflammation or scarring. The superficial keratectomy or SK has been used by our eye specialists to help resolve blurry vision in patients of all ages.

What is a superficial keratectomy?

A superficial keratectomy is an eye surgery that smoothes out or removes the outer layer of the corneal tissue, the epithelium. When left untreated, patients may experience a gritty sensation in the eye, chronic dry eye, or severe discomfort. At Focal Point Vision, our board-certified ophthalmologists in San Antonio, TX offer this corneal epithelium removal to help improve your eye health and vision at the same time.

What diseases does a superficial keratectomy treat?

A superficial keratectomy can treat a variety of eye diseases, including:

  • Anterior basement membrane dystrophy

  • Calcific band keratopathy

  • Salzmann’s nodular degeneration

  • Other anterior opacities

During a comprehensive eye exam with one of our eye specialists, we can determine if you have an eye disease that can be treated with this innovative eye surgery. If you aren’t eligible, we can discuss other treatment options we have available to you.

How is a superficial keratectomy performed?

A superficial keratectomy is performed on an outpatient basis using mild anesthesia. This is a fast and effective procedure that can be completed in mere minutes. To begin, a member of our team at Focal Point Vision will fully numb your eyes using special drops. As soon as your eyes are numb, we will place a device over your eye to keep you from blinking. Next, we use fine instruments to remove or smooth out the tissue of the epithelium, the front layer of cells. This helps expose any scar tissue underneath that may be affecting your vision. After this is complete, we carefully remove any remaining damaged corneal tissue. Lastly, we place a bandage contact lens over the eye for protection and to help with the healing process. You will have to use eye drops regularly. Recovery takes 6 – 8 weeks.

Learn if you’re a candidate for superficial keratectomy eye surgery

When you’re interested in learning how to improve your vision and to reduce inflammation in your cornea, schedule an appointment at Focal Point Vision. Our board-certified ophthalmologists in San Antonio, TX can perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you are eligible for this quick, safe, and effective eye surgery. To find out if this treatment is a solution for your eye discomfort or pain, call our office today to schedule a consultation. During this appointment, we can discuss possible superficial keratectomy risks and answer any questions you have about the procedure before committing to it.

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