Is PRK Less Painful Than LASIK?

LASIK has now become one of the most well-known vision corrections in the world, but it wasn’t the first. The distinction belongs to PRK, photorefractive keratectomy. Just like LASIK, it has helped millions of satisfied customers gain 20/20 (or better) vision, helping them see the world in vivid vibrancy.

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PRK; the original laser vision correction system for refractive errors

The refractive errors of the eye are among the most common problems, with surprising prevalence: more than 150 million individuals in the U.S. have some refractive error. They include nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia (age-related loss of vision), and astigmatism.

These disorders also appear in varying degrees, and many Americans may not even know they have a refractive error. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to schedule routine eye exams because early detection and treatment can yield a more favorable, long-term result.

Refractive errors may gradually become more severe. They’re caused by the inability of the eyes to properly focus light onto the light-sensing retina at the back. This light is then converted into an electrical signal that travels to the brain along the optic nerve.

But refractive errors do not allow clear vision due to a misshapen cornea. And if the incoming light cannot be bent onto the retina, various visual disturbances may occur, including haziness, blurriness, double vision, glare, eye strain, and headaches.

Why would a patient opt for PRK over LASIK? First, we want to let you know that both techniques are effective. And over the past several decades, they’ve been finetuned even further, offering optimal results for millions of people.

Yet not all patients are good candidates for LASIK due to a variety of reasons. Generally, patients that do not have sufficient corneal tissue, or other corneal considerations, will be better suited for PRK.

Additionally, some ocular diseases or conditions may preclude the use of LASIK. But if you’re seeking visual clarity, our board-certified ophthalmologists are committed to finding a solution for you and will weigh all relevant considerations when we see you for a comprehensive consultation.

Is PRK less painful than LASIK?

PRK is every bit as tried and tested as the other vision correction systems. With such a rich history and our state-of-the-art technology, there’s no cause for worry.

PRK is not considered painful because your eyes will be numbed prior to the surgery. We strive to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible, and our caring staff makes the utmost effort to help you achieve an optimal outcome. In fact, most patients report feeling only a bit of pressure.

Following surgery, it isn’t uncommon to experience ocular irritation and sensitivity. However, these effects will dissipate in the coming days or weeks. This process can be expedited, and your comfort increased through post-care instructions (and the prescribed medicines and lubricating eye drops) that we’ll provide based on your unique needs and ocular status.

Reap the many rewards of PRK and clear vision

The countless individuals struggling with refractive errors have multiple options to restore their vision and transform their ocular health. One outstanding example is PRK, whose long history has seen it help millions of people around the world regain their visual freedom.

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