How to Find the Best Lasik Surgeon Near You

There are over 800,000 Lasik surgeries performed In America. That number continues to grow, as the procedure has become even safer. Thanks to this, people with vision problems feel more comfortable now.

That doesn't mean any doctor is right for you though.

You have to find someone who makes you comfortable and is transparent. Finding a professional who fits your insurance is also another concern.

But among the best Lasik Surgeons in San Antonio, there is one that's right for you.

Read up on these 7 tips on how to choose a surgeon and soon you'll know exactly who's right for you.

1. Asking Friends Who've Had Eye Surgery

After suffering from eye problems for a long time now, you most likely have done some research. You've even Googled "where are the best Lasik surgeons near me."

Well, before you choose any eye specialist, you should consider getting recommendations first. Asking people you know and trust is a great way to gauge a doctor's competence. If someone you know already had Lasik surgery, ask them if they trust their doctor.

See if they can set up an appointment. Then ask them for further details. Find out if they left satisfied with the level of care they received.

Unexpected things can happen in surgery. This said, asking about any complications they experienced is also important.

It's important that your family or friend came out fine after the crisis. That means their surgeon avoided a bad outcome.

Another good idea is to only ask friends who have a similar insurance plan as you. You want great care that won't put you in major debt.

2. Ask Your Pediatrician or Your Primary Physician

Doctors roam in close social circles, which give them professional connections. If you're hesitant about looking for an eye surgeon by yourself, talk to your doctor.

Familiarity allows professionals to pair you with a doctor who fits your specific eye needs and preferences.

Since you visit them often (which you should), they'll have a better gauge of what you need. These referrals also get you in the door sooner than a regular appointment.

It's difficult to get schedules with doctors, especially specialists, out of the blue.

This advice goes the same for your child and their pediatrician. Kids are sensitive, so your pediatrician's choice comes from a place of understanding.

3. Turn to Big Organizations Handling the Best Lasik Surgeons in San Antonio

Medical organizations have extensive record keeping. As such, when a doctor does something wrong, this will appear on the record.

The knowledge base they provide is invaluable for making informed decisions. Take advantage of this free resource and look up the doctors in San Antonio. From there, you can jump onto Google and search for their clinic.

If the database is not enough, you can turn to online testimonials. Listening to other patients is one of the best ways to pick the best Lasik surgeons.

4. The More Experience, the Better

While you shouldn't overlook young doctors, important procedures need experienced hands. Once you find the professional you like, ask them about their history.

Have they done this procedure often? Did they experience any issues among those operations? What are the possible complications during surgery?

Open and honest doctors will give you this information. Dodging or redirecting your questions is a red flag.

But if you want more, check out these databases. They'll show you whether your doctor participates in tough fellowships. Their participation is another way to gauge a surgeon's abilities.

They also inform you of your eligibility. After a few tests, they can tell you if there are other eye issues you need to deal with.

Experience is how they prepare you for the best Lasik experience.

5. Checking Out the Hospital or Clinic

The best Lasik eye surgery comes from good clinics and hospitals. When you first enter the hospital or clinic, take a look around.

It's supposed to be clean and maintained in a professional fashion. There should be lines, but not ones which are long. If there are complaints about the facilities, then the care might be suspect.

Location is also important because missed appointments are dangerous. Consistent care plays an important role in further recovery.

Don't pick a hospital that's an hour away from your home. The added cost of travel only adds to the problem.

6. Feel Out the First Appointment

Comfortable patients are important to doctors because it helps with their work. This is where your first impressions come in to help you.

Ask your doctor as many relevant questions as you need.

Do they answer you in a satisfactory way? Are they patient enough to walk you through your concerns? Communication is important to confidence building.

You should also consider whether you're more comfortable with a surgeon of the same sex. Being open about personal issues is easier if you don't feel embarrassed.

If the appointment doesn't leave you satisfied, it's okay to keep looking for another doctor. The person you choose will be your regular ophthalmologist.

Don't make a decision without feeling 100% sure of it.

7. The Right Doctor for Your Insurance Plan

It's never smart to overspend outside of an emergency situation. Lasik is an expensive procedure, but it's not out of your reach.

When the time comes, you should talk to your doctor about the cost of the operation. Work with them and see if you can reach a suitable payment plan.

Be aware that some insurance doesn't cover vision issues. Unless you have a pre-existing condition, you're out of luck under government health care.

If you suffer from consistent vision issues, a private insurance plan is the way to go. It costs a little more but your health should be top priority in your life.

Good communication with your doctor is essential. Remember: This helps you learn whether you can afford a great Lasik surgeon.

Buying Only the Best for Your Eyes

When dealing with your eyes, you want to have the best Lasik surgeons in San Antonio working on them. But this shouldn't be a rushed decision.

Remember that there are many options open to you. You're not out of luck even on a tight budget.

Learning about your Lasik eligibility is the first step to improved eyesight. Check out these posts to learn more about what you can do to improve your eyes.



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