How Can I Tell if I Have A Corneal Abrasion?

Your body is composed of numerous parts that do their job so well you don’t even notice them. Until some issue arises, in which case these parts are suddenly no longer taken for granted. One great example is the tough, multifunctional cornea. This little dome on the front-facing part of the eye helps to bend the incoming light so it can be focused on the retina, yielding clear vision.

The cornea also has a dirtier, more dangerous job, guarding against infection and trauma by keeping out dirt, germs, and other harmful substances. Your corneas are great at what they do, but even they sometimes suffer an abrasion or scratch. Such an injury can be painful, detracting from your overall life enjoyment and stopping you from being your productive best at school, work, the gym, and elsewhere.

Fortunately, our expert eye doctors offer various treatment options and the expertise to select the most effective and efficient choice possible for your unique needs. And if you have any concerns or are experiencing pain or other discomforts, please get in touch today to set up an appointment in San Antonio, TX.

What is a corneal abrasion, and how does it occur?

A corneal abrasion is a scratch that occurs on the cornea, the transparent and protective outermost layer of the eye. The cornea is composed of a robust, hardy mixture of tissue types, including proteins. This strengthened structure’s duty is to protect the more delicate ocular features within, and it does a wonderful job. The fact that you rarely notice such problems is a testament to that fact. However, even this ocular armor can be scratched if it comes in contact with various foreign particles, such as dust, dirt, or sand. Or contact lenses. Or tiny things that may fly up into the eyes while on the job, including metal particles or wood shavings.

How can I tell if I have a corneal abrasion?

There are many symptoms one may experience due to a corneal abrasion. Since a corneal abrasion causes damage to the tissues of the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye, one obvious sign is pain or similar discomfort.

You may also notice a gritty feeling, sandiness, or foreign object sensation, which feels like you have something stuck in your eye. Redness and other signs of irritation may manifest in response to the abrasion, and you may also experience excessive tearing or watering of the eyes. Redness and inflammation are also common signs that may arise within a short period of incurring the scratch.

Some patients also suffer from increased sensitivity to light sources. Overall, the effects may add up to transcend ocular discomfort and cause headaches. However, it’s always optimal to seek a professional opinion, and we can check the status of your eyes using a fluorescein dye, which is quick and considered painless.

Find relief at Focal Point Vision

Your corneas are the vanguards of eye health, and any injury to these integral tissues can cause severe discomfort and persistent pain. It can also lead to visual disturbances, which can sideline you and keep you from doing things you love.

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