Can Light Adjustable Lens Correct Your Reading Vision?

A cataract occurs when your natural lens becomes hard and cloudy, which blurs your vision. This is one of the leading causes of impaired vision for our patients at Focal Point Vision. The sole treatment to remove cataracts is to remove this cloudy lens and replace it with a new lens. A Light Adjustable Lens™ (LAL) has been proven to help patients have clear vision and improve reading vision. During a consultation in San Antonio, TX, our board-certified ophthalmologists can discuss this surgery with you and answer any questions you have about the procedure and recovery, including the status of your reading vision after cataract surgery.

What are cataracts?

A cataract is the clouding of the lens in your eye. While it is painless, it can result in blurry vision that worsens at night or in dim light. Most people’s lenses do naturally become cloudy as they age. However, cataracts develop slowly. When they become more advanced and decrease your quality of life, we usually recommend Light Adjustable Lens implant surgery.

Selecting the best Light Adjustable Lens for cataracts

Our team will use your pre-surgery eye measurements to estimate the type of IOL (intraocular lens) and power to give you the best vision after your surgery. Many lenses prevent patients from seeing exactly what is needed, so some patients may still need reading glasses. Also, your new lens can shift during healing, which can alter your corrected vision. The Light Adjustable Lens is the only intraocular lens that allows our team to design, test, and customize your vision after surgery. This adjustability enables us to give you a lens that is tailored specifically for your vision in San Antonio, TX.

Understanding the Light-Adjustable Lens

The FDA-approved Light Adjustable Lens from RXSight® removes the need for any pre-op estimates for refractive correction. The surgery process is simple and includes:

  1. Implantation: This three-piece foldable lens is implanted by our team at Focal Point Vision, which gives our patients clear vision. It is implanted like a monofocal lens implant; the only difference is that its prescription can be adjusted and reshaped after implantation. Since it is made of photoreactive silicone, it can be reshaped with a special UV light.

  2. Adjustments: Adjustments to the lens can be made up to three weeks after surgery, which allows our team to verify and adjust your prescription, if necessary.

  3. Locking in a prescription: When we achieve your desired correction, we will use the LDD to lock in your prescription at our San Antonio, TX eye center. Before it is locked in, you must wear UV-blocking glasses to keep your new lens from any UV exposure.

Am I a candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens?

At Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX, our board-certified ophthalmologists can conduct an eye exam during your consultation to determine if this surgery is right for you. Most cataract patients are ideal candidates for Light Adjustable Lenses. This breakthrough technology allows us to give you the best chance for clear vision without the need for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses after surgery.

Learn more about Light Adjustable Lens for cataract removal

Our board-certified ophthalmologists in San Antonio, TX offer different technologies at Focal Point Vision, including the Light Adjustable Lens, to give our cataract patients clear vision. To learn if you’re a candidate for this cataract removal, call to schedule a consultation with our professional team today.

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