How Long Can A Light Adjustable Lens Last?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 01/11/2023

Intraocular lenses (IOLs), like light adjustable lenses, are a long-lasting visual solution offering dramatically improved clarity.


A Helpful Guide to Laser Vision Correction Surgery

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 12/13/2022

LASIK provides a revolutionary, advanced laser vision correction system for those struggling with poor vision due to refractive disorders.


Could You be Living With Glaucoma and Not Know it?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 11/19/2022

Millions of individuals living with glaucoma don’t even know it, so a professional eye exam is essential to preserve your vision and ocular health.


Can Having a Thin Cornea Prevent me From Getting LASIK?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 10/18/2022

Some patients may not be candidates for LASIK due to a thin or improperly shaped cornea, but other options are available.


How Long After Cataract Surgery Until I Can Watch Television?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 09/14/2022

You can watch some television several hours after your cataract surgery, though it's best not to overstrain your eyes during this crucial period.


Is PRK Less Painful Than LASIK?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 08/10/2022

PRK is not considered painful, and patients generally only feel some slight pressure during their procedure.


What Things Should I Avoid With Glaucoma?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 07/13/2022

Avoiding high-intensity exercise, demanding activities, and unhealthy dietary choices can help patients manage their glaucoma.


How Can I Tell if I Have A Corneal Abrasion?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 06/06/2022

A corneal abrasion can cause pain, irritation, inflammation, redness, light sensitivity, tearing, or the feeling of grittiness.


Will I Still Need Glasses After Refractive Lens Exchange?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 05/31/2022

Refractive lens exchange can crush refractive errors and reduce or remove one’s need for glasses, though each case is patient-specific.


Five Things Not to Do After Cataract Surgery

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 04/13/2022

Cataract surgery is a quick, simple, and safe solution, and you can ensure your optimal outcome by taking the following post-procedure precautions.


How Does an Eye Doctor Test for Early Glaucoma?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 03/15/2022

Our experienced eye doctors utilize various tests to check for intraocular pressure, optic nerve damage, and other signs of developing glaucoma.


Will I Have Cloudy Vision After Implantable Contact Lenses?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 02/23/2022

Implantable contact lenses will not trigger much eye blurriness at the start. The blurriness will resolve for optimal vision correction.


Could My Light Sensitivity Be a Sign of Something More Serious?

James D. Lehmann, M.D.

Light sensitivity is a vision problem many people have, but it can be managed with the right care.


I Have Both Cataracts and Glaucoma. How Can I Treat Them?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 12/15/2021

If you have both cataracts and glaucoma, they can be treated either separately or simultaneously, via various safe and effective treatment options.


What Are the Common Vision Impairments Fixed With PRK?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 11/11/2021

PRK laser eye surgery can correct visual complications due to refractive issues that stem from an improperly shaped cornea or lens.


Do You Have a Scratched Cornea? Look for These Signs

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 10/14/2021

A scratched cornea is painful but easily treated by the team at Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX. Contact our office today for an appointment.


Can I Naturally Prevent Cataracts from Forming?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 09/16/2021

There’s no way to fully prevent cataracts, but making the right lifestyle choices can help protect your ocular health.


How Quickly Can Glaucoma Develop?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 08/19/2021

Glaucoma affects as many as 3 million Americans. We tell you how quickly glaucoma can develop, risk factors, and what you can do about it.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Corneal Cross Linking?

James D. Lehmann, M.D. | 07/17/2021

Corneal cross-linking is a minimally invasive treatment for those who suffer from keratoconus to improve their vision health.


What's the Alternative to LASIK EYE Surgery if I Don't Qualify?


Some may not qualify for LASIK due to insufficient corneal tissue or other factors, but equally effective alternatives exist for all individuals.


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