San Antonio, TX | What to Expect After Cataract Surgery with Dr. Maverick | Focal Point Vision

Dr. Maverick explains in this video what to do after getting eye surgery.


Dr. Kenneth Maverick: So the day after surgery, we see you in the office. You've been sent home with an eye cover that protects the eye overnight, and we will typically start eyedrops that afternoon. We see you the next day. Many times the next day, the vision is still a little foggy, we're mostly seeing you to make sure that you're feeling okay and to go over instructions again. Some patients will see better even the first day, and typically, most people are driving within a day or two or three after the surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Maverick: The main restrictions the first week are we want you to protect the eye, don't rub the eye. We have you sleep in a cover that protects it, but you don't have to wear it during the day, and you just want to avoid dirt, dust, debris, or anything that could get on the eye or near the incision. It takes about a week for the incision to heal to the point where we're not worried about an eye rub or something getting in the eye. Typically, we'll do the other eye the next week.

Dr. Kenneth Maverick: For patients who are being referred with our optometrist, there's an option to see the optometrist for some of the co-management. In that situation, many times we will see you the first day after surgery and then the optometrist can take over the care from there. We're in constant communication with them and it's an option just to make things more convenient, or if you would prefer to see your optometrist for the postoperative period.