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Dry eye can make any day a bad day, so why wait until it ruins a holiday outing? With winter rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to have your lingering dry eye problem taken care of. 

Once you have your dry eye under control, check out some of these fantastic local attractions! Keep reading to discover five festive activities to enjoy after dry eye treatment in San Antonio!

1. Christmas Lights on the San Antonio River Walk

You won’t want to blink and miss a moment of the San Antonio River Walk during the holiday season. Decked out with festive lights and featuring iconic river parades, the San Antonio River Walk during the holidays is something you’ll never forget. 

Dry eye symptoms can distract you from fully enjoying immersive experiences like the San Antonio River Walk. Blurry vision will make you miss out on the detailed costumes of boat carolers. 

Itchiness and burning make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Glare sensitivity may make the Christmas lights painful instead of pleasant.

2. Ice Skating at Travis Park Ice Rink

Outdoor ice skating in Texas? You’d better believe it! 

If you’re an expert, then it is an excellent opportunity to show off your moves! You don’t want your dry eyes to stop you from experiencing the fun and freedom of movement ice skating can deliver.

The Rotary Ice Rink is back at Travis Park for the 2023-2024 season. If you’re new, it is a great opportunity to learn. 

Dry eye makes staying active more difficult and less enjoyable. Wind, cold air, and other factors can exacerbate your symptoms. 

Stopping every fifteen minutes to reapply eye drops is no fun, especially while you are dealing with discomfort from dry eye. Dry eye does not have to be a permanent problem that you live with. 

Visit Focal Point Vision to get started with dry eye treatment.    

3. Visiting the Markets at La Villita and Main Plaza

San Antonio has a rich heritage and no shortage of historic sights. La Villita is a market district that has become a cultural art hub for the area. 

Come learn about the historical significance of the “little village” while you do some holiday present shopping. From metalsmiths to painters, there is something in La Villita for everyone to enjoy. 

When you get hungry, enjoy authentic traditional Mexican cuisine at Guadalajara Grill or try out some delicious Bavarian fare at Little Rhein Prost Haus. You can even keep the party rolling into town by visiting Main Plaza in the heart of the city.

Dry eye can cause eye fatigue, making an extended outing seem impossible. Dry eye treatment can quickly sort out the problem and give you the energy you need to check out one of the greatest cities on earth.

To receive an effective treatment, your eye doctor at Focal Point Vision needs to pinpoint what is causing the issue. Book your appointment as soon as possible so you can get started right away!        

4. See Neighborhood Christmas Light Displays

You don’t need to spend all of your time in the city to get the most out of the San Antonio holiday season. You can visit all kinds of neighborhoods with a variety of events and decorations. 

San Antonio Christmas light displays are certainly something to behold. There’s always a new sight to be discovered in San Antonio, so don’t let your dry eye hold you back from exploring! 

5. Watch Live San Antonio Spurs Games

If you are a basketball fan, you don’t want to miss San Antonio Spurs games. The holiday season is packed with exciting matches. 

Come see the live games and live in the moment with your fellow fans. Dry eye takes you out of the moment every time you experience symptoms. 

Missing the game-winning hoop or an amazing play because your eyes decided to act up can be more than frustrating. Don’t miss your shot to enjoy this holiday season free from dry eye!

How Does Dry Eye Treatment Work?

Treating dry eye is not always straightforward. It can take time to find out what is causing the symptoms. Knowing what is causing your dry eye is half the battle. 

Dry eye treatment could be as simple as changing your habits. Smoking causes dry eye, among other countless health problems. 

Too much time using screens can also cause dry eye. Even a bad diet can cause dry eye. You may need to alter your environment. 

Closing up drafts in your house helps dry eye. Placing humidifiers and air purifiers around your house can also help. Dusting frequently is also a good idea. 

Sometimes the problem is internal, however. With these problems, you need help. 

Whether you need prescribed medication or a special physical therapy, Focal Point Vision has you covered. Get help to treat your dry eye before the holidays get here!       

Are you experiencing dry eye symptoms? Schedule an appointment at Focal Point Vision in San Antonio, TX, today!