Live Life Now with LASIK and Face Your #FOMO!

If the word LASIK intrigued you to this Blog you are most likely reading it with the aid of glasses or contact lenses…right?

I get it! I have been there. Waking up and holding the alarm clock one inch from your face so you can read the time. Forgetting to pack you contact solution for that weekend getaway and having to run to the store. Playing 3-on-3 basketball, driving the lane and your glasses get knocked off to half court. Stepping out of your warm car on a brisk winter day and your glasses fog up to where you can’t see a thing.  Yeah, I get it!

You’re tired of the daily hassle of wearing glasses and contact lenses and the ongoing costs that go along with them.

You’ve heard from your friends that have had LASIK and how they had clearer vision the very next day. They may tell you how they wish they made the decision to have LASIK years earlier and not have let the fear hold them back. They tell you this story while smiling ear to ear because they are so happy with their new clear vision!

You also may be asking yourself, “If my friend could face his or her fears of having LASIK and could afford to have it done, I’m sure I can too!”

At Focal Point Vision (FPV), we want to help you…

Don’t let your Fear Of Missing Out stop you from living life today with clearer vision. It is a natural reaction to be a bit scared when thinking of using lasers on your eyes to improve your vision. It is also natural to think that LASIK is too expensive and you can’t afford it. Again, I have been there and had those thoughts.

At FPV, doctors Maverick and Lehmann, will walk you through each step of the LASIK procedure (from Pre-Op to Procedure to Post-Op), answer all questions you may have and make sure you are comfortable with the LASIK process before proceeding.

For added assurance, both doctors are fellowship-trained in LASIK surgery. This means that they did an extra year after residency specifically dedicated to LASIK, PRK and Corneal Surgery.

At many LASIK centers, the patient doesn’t “meet” their LASIK surgeon until the day of the procedure, and that is when they are already under the laser! At Focal Point Vision, we want you to be relaxed and comfortable with your surgeon and your procedure before your surgery day.

As far as your investment for LASIK, we feel we are very affordable and if you wish we have financing options available for your consideration.

Step one is for you to pick up the phone and call us today for your No Cost Consultation to see if you are a candidate for LASIK…nothing to fear there.

As an added incentive to help you with your #FOMO, if you have read this far down on this wonderful LASIK Blog, when you call for your No Cost LASIK Consultation…mention this Blog and that Craig Lannom sent you…when you qualify for LASIK/PRK I will give you $400 off procedure for being kind enough to read my Blog!

Focal Point Vision…helping our neighbors face their #FOMO one eye at a time!

By Craig Lannom – Executive Director with Focal Point Vision