With more than 40 years of
combined experience, our doctors
are internationally renowned
for their eye surgery expertise.

We offer the latest in laser
cataract removal with the
state-of-the-art LenSx
femtosecond laser platform.

The Visian ICL is one of the
world’s most popular pieces of
vision correction technology
to treat nearsightedness.

Take the first step toward clear, crisp vision — call us today to schedule an informational consultation with the Focal Point Vision team!

what we offer

  • Laser Cataract
    Using the LenSx femtosecond laser to aid in cataract removal enhances the precision of the procedure.

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  • Lasik
    LASIK is a very safe and common procedure to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

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  • Keratoconus
    We treat this degenerative corneal condition with options like INTACS and corneal cross-linking.

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  • Visian ICL
    The Visian ICL (implantable collamer lens) is placed in the eye permanently to correct nearsightedness.

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Laser Eye Surgery San Antonio, TX

Focal Point Vision has distinguished itself as a Cataract and LASIK surgery expert leader in San Antonio, TX. Each of our highly qualified laser eye surgeons and staff members ensure that every patient receives outstanding, individualized service in using the most advanced technology available today. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality eye surgery experience that meets your comfort, safety and laser vision correction needs.

Your Best Choice for LASIK

Want to get the best LASIK eye surgery in San Antonio? The eye care specialists at Focal Point Vision are regarded as some of the best laser eye surgeons in the area. We’re committed to being your destination for LASIK in San Antonio.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a refractive surgery used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. LASIK allows patients to see clearly without the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses.

How does LASIK work?

The first step in laser eye surgery is that the eye surgeon will make a small incision in the cornea. This is known as the “flap.” This corneal flap is then pulled to the side, allowing access to the corneal tissue underneath. Then the doctor uses a laser to cut away, and reshape the cornea for improved vision.

What are the results?

Most patients achieve perfect 20/20 vision after laser eye surgery. LASIK is considered extremely safe, and has a very low incidence of complications.

What’s the next step?

Visit Focal Point Vision for a consultation to determine if LASIK is appropriate for you.

Our Facility

San Antonio Laser Eye Surgery Center

Our Ophthalmology facility uniquely staffs Fellowship-Trained Corneal and Refractive Surgery surgeons. All physicians are certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Our San Antonio eye surgeons perform the most advanced surgical techniques including LASIK Surgery, Implantable Collamer Lenses for Vision Correction (Visian ICL), Corneal Transplant (DSEK & DMEK), Keratoplasty (DALK).  Cataract Surgery options include the new Symfony, Toric, and Crystalens® intraocular lenses that reduce dependency on glasses.

We are the first facility in San Antonio to offer corneal collagen crosslinking – a revolutionary treatment for Keratoconus.

Our Surgeons

Doctors Maverick and Lehmann have more than 40 years of combined experience performing all forms of Eye surgery including LASIK, Cataract surgery, PRK, and Corneal Transplants. Their expertise allows them to customize treatment, using well proven technology, the newest innovations in the field, and a deep understanding of the needs of their eye care patients. Only a handful of practices in the country have all the technology and training to offer for virtually every option for vision correction. Each LASIK surgeon is a national leader in this state-of-the-art LASIK technology and has been named as one of the top practice for ICLs.

Focal Point Vision takes pride in educating each laser eye surgery patient of all their surgery options and offering the latest LASIK technology. We want our patients to be assured that they are getting the best and safest eye surgery option, customized for their visual needs. Our LASIK eye surgeons and staff meticulously evaluate each LASIK patient to determine whether they are a strong LASIK candidate.

Our friendly bilingual staff provides efficient and accessible appointments. We go above and beyond to ensure you receive the attention and care you deserve and that you achieve the best possible vision correction experience.

Focal Point Vision welcomes vision correction patients from all corners of the state of Texas from our San Antonio LASIK center to Bexar, Kendall, Comal, Wilson, and Guadalupe Counties.

Call our office today at (210)614-3600 to schedule your appointment. Drs. Maverick, Lehmann and Burkhart are seeing patients there on a rotating schedule.

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