Video Testimonials

PRK Patient

PRK Testimonial – No Glasses Necessary: Leslie discusses her motivation for getting photorefractive keratectomy. Now she can see clearly without the hassle of contacts or glasses.

Multifocal Lens Patient

Multifocal Lens Benefits: Angie discusses her previous reliance on eyeglasses, and how clear her vision has become since her multifocal implants.

PRK Patient

PRK Patient Testimonial: Terri discusses Dr. Lehmann’s volunteer work, and how it motivated her to visit Focal Point Vision for PRK. Terri was moved to tears at the incredible results she got from Focal Point Vision.

Cataract Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient Testimonial: Laney talks about his cataract diagnosis, and the need for surgery. After being accepted into a study at Focal Point Vision, and had his other eye corrected as well. Laney praises Dr. Maverick and the entire staff.


Written Testimonials


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