Video Testimonials

PRK Patient

PRK Testimonial – No Glasses Necessary: Leslie discusses her motivation for getting photorefractive keratectomy. Now she can see clearly without the hassle of contacts or glasses.

Multifocal Lens Patient

Multifocal Lens Benefits: Angie discusses her previous reliance on eyeglasses, and how clear her vision has become since her multifocal implants.

PRK Patient

PRK Patient Testimonial: Terri discusses Dr. Lehmann’s volunteer work, and how it motivated her to visit Focal Point Vision for PRK. Terri was moved to tears at the incredible results she got from Focal Point Vision.

Cataract Patient

Cataract Surgery Patient Testimonial: Laney talks about his cataract diagnosis, and the need for surgery. After being accepted into a study at Focal Point Vision, and had his other eye corrected as well. Laney praises Dr. Maverick and the entire staff.


Written Testimonials

Dr. Lehmann and staff at Focal Point vision are wonderful. At the recommendation of a family member, I decided to drive from Houston to meet with Dr. Lehmann for an initial consultation. His knowledge & caring manner sold me on having my cataract and lens surgery at Focal Point. I could not be more pleased with the outcome and experience. Every staff member I have interacted with has been so patient, caring, and helpful throughout the complete process. I would highly recommend Dr. Lehmann and staff!
-Deedy Justice


I have been going to Dr. Maverick for about 14 years now. When I started going to him I had an infection in my that caused scarring and it was really bad. Dr. Maverick got the virus to go away when we accomplished that my eye was ready for surgery to replace my cornea. I wasn’t ready mentally to do the surgery and thought I would never have it done. Well after years of my family begging me to have the surgery I finally broke and set it up. I had the surgery over a year ago now and everything is great. Dr. Maverick is obviously the best in his field if you do your research and talk to him you will know the facts. He is also the president of the eye bank so you know he is 100% vested in what he does. It also shows when you talk to him that he cares a lot about his patients and his work. There are a few other Drs there also that are top notch for example Dr Lehman is a top Surgeon in the nation also. You will be surrounded by the best Drs America has to offer.
-Anthony Whitt


I was impressed with the office staff and state-of-the-art equipment. The entire staff was helpful and informative which reduced my anxiety and fear of the upcoming procedures. My doctor was clear and informative which made me trust his judgment and made me feel comfortable with my upcoming surgery.
-Kristin Skelton


Purpose of my visit was evaluation of my cataracts & plan for an appropriate surgical solution. Everything went very well. The obvious knowledge, competence, and positive helpful attitude of the entire staff from doctors to administrative, put me at ease knowing I was in good hands. This is the way medical care should be.
-Dave Stok


This was the best-run medical office I’ve been to in a long time. I interacted with six people. All were informed, thoughtful, very willing to answer questions, and seemed very dedicated to their work. They also worked well with each other – something I don’t always see. I actually found myself wondering what they do differently to have such great people and terrific service. I can say it gives me much more confidence to know this group of people will be doing my surgery
-C Denise


From the office staff to Dr. Lehmann, all were very courageous and understanding of my visual needs. Dr. Lehmann is very professional, knowledgeable and experienced, on the cutting edge when it comes to surgical procedures of the human eye. Since the good Lord placed him in my life, I now trust him with my vision. Research Dr. Lehmann and Focal Point Vision for yourself, they both will jump to the top of your list.
-Peter Rico

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